Manufacturing workforce webinars

Register for one of our easy to access webinars, hosted by global dairy experts, or visit the webinar library to view previous presentations.

Webinars for upskilling the dairy manufacturing workforce

Over the past six years Dairy Australia has developed over 150 webinars designed to upskill Australian dairy manufacturers. World dairy experts are engaged to present 30+ webinars each year.

These webinars, together with their downloadable PDFs offer exciting formats to up-skill you or members of your workforce, without stepping out of the factory – delivering substantial savings in costs and time. Alternatively webinar recordings can be viewed at your convenience. 

Most importantly, staff receive this valuable training from local and international experts in their field. 

Typically, webinars include a 50-55-minute presentation followed by 5-10 minutes of question time.

Please email Jennifer Penfold to register for individual webinars ($35 per webinar) or to purchase a webinar season pass (see rates below). 

Webinar program January-June 2019

Date and Time Topic and Presenter
Thurs. Jan 31
10-11am AEDT
Emerging tools for improved quality and safety of dairy products
Nicole Martin, Cornell University, USA
Wed. Feb 6
3.30-4.30pm AEDT
Targeting weight loss in cheesemaking to increase your profits
Ivan Larcher, Cheesemaker and Educator, France
Thurs. Feb 14
2-3pm AEDT
Unravelling Australian export codes and requirements
Phil Golledge, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Australia
Wed. Feb 20
10-11am AEDT
Negotiating the supply chain maze to advantage your business
Zoe Brickley, Jasper Hill Farm, Vermont, USA
Tues. Mar 5
10-11am AEDT
The Secrets of Producing Best Quality Haloumi, Paneer and Juusta
Leipa Cheese
Gianaclis Caldwell, Cheesemaker, Author and Educator, Oregon USA
Wed. Mar 20
2-3pm AEDT
Dairy Situation and Outlook March 2019, Sofia Omstedt
and Tour of new DA e-resource library, Ian Olmstead, Dairy Australia
Wed. Mar 27
2-3pm AEDT
Novel enzymes with potential to revolutionise cleaning in the dairy
Steve Flint, Massey University, NZ
Wed April 2
2-3pm AEST
The Journey to Producing Raw Milk Cheese in Australia
Michael McNamara, Pecora Dairy, NSW
Wed. April 10
3-4pm AEST
Managing Seasonal Variations in Cheesemaking
Paul Thomas, Consultant, UK
Wed. May 1
2-3pm AEST
The Key Elements of Aseptic Packaging
Hilton Deeth, Emeritus Professor, University of Queensland
Wed. May 8
2-3pm AEST
Key strategies for employee engagement in HACCP
Michael and Charlie Kalish, USA
Wed. May 22
2-3pm AEST
Vertical Integration: The transition to bottling and marketing our own
Emma Elliot, Little Big Dairy, Dubbo, NSW
Wed. May 29
2-3pm AEST
Advanced CIP of Membranes
Rob Ellis, Ecolab
Wed. June 5
2-3pm AEST
Sustainable dairy processing 
Penny Prasad, Consultant, Queensland
Wed. June 12
2-3pm AEST
 How to best remove milk fat, lactose, casein and whey protein from
your wastewater
Ray Anderson, Aerofloat, Australia


July 2018 – June 2019 Season Pass Charges

Category 12 month pass 6 month pass
Large companies (over 200 employees) $2200 $1200
Medium companies (20-200 employees) $490 $260
Individuals and Small companies (1-20 employees) $220 $130
University students $150 $80

Please email Jennifer Penfold to purchase a webinar season pass. 

Purchase of a Webinar Season Pass entitles companies and individuals to the following:

  • Access to 30+ webinars per year.
  • Multiple logons for company staff attending webinars (plus multiple people can participate from logon point.
  • Single logon for individuals / small companies (multiple people can participate from one logon).
  • Technical support for participants.
  • PDF’s of presentations.
  • Opportunity to ask questions of world expert during the webinar.
  • Opportunity to liaise with and ask further questions of webinar presenter for one week post webinar.
  • Access to webinar recordings for 30 days post webinar.
  • Professional development opportunity for individuals and companies.
  • Opportunity to suggest new topics or dairy experts relevant to business needs.