Manufacturing workforce webinars

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Webinars for upskilling the dairy manufacturing workforce

Over the past eight years Dairy Australia has developed over 250 webinars designed to upskill Australian dairy manufacturers.

These webinars, together with their downloadable PDFs, offer exciting formats to enhance the knowledge of you or your workforce, without having to leave the workplace - delivering substantial savings in costs and time. Alternatively, webinar recordings can be viewed at a time that suits participants. 

Most importantly, staff receive this valuable training from local and international experts in their field. 

Typically the 30 webinars conducted annually include a 50 minute presentation followed by 5 to 10 minutes of question time.

Please email Jennifer Penfold at for further information, or to purchase a webinar season pass (rates listed below). Individual webinars can be accessed for $35. 

Webinar program July-November 2020

Dairy Australia Manufacturing Workforce Webinar Program, Semester 2, 2020
NB. Details may change at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances
Date and Time Topic and Presenter
Wed. July 22
2-3pm AEDT
Key Marketing Tools to promote your SME business
Sam Penny, Cheese Therapy, Australia
Wed. July 29
2-3pm AEDT
Food commodity risks in a pandemic (or other interruption events)
Margaret Balfour, Diligence, Australia
Wed. Aug 5
2-3pm AEDT
The Dairy Cocoon Project - an online platform to help small dairy farmers develop and produce unique branded products
Cressida Cains, Pecora dairy
Wed. Aug 12
2-3pm AEDT
Dairy fat facts – the truth revealed
Hilton Deeth, Emeritus Professor, University of Queensland
Wed. Aug 19
3-4pm AEDT
Bio-Protective Cultures and how they work
Peter Thoeysen and Cecilie Marvig, Chr-Hansen, Denmark
Wed. Sept 2
2-3pm AEDT
Determining the shelf life of dairy products
Steve Flint, Massey University, NZ
Wed. Sept 9
2-3pm AEDT
Emerging global packaging technologies and retail trends
Michael Grima, qDesign Enterprises, Australia
Wed. Sept 16
2-3pm AEDT
Measuring food safety culture in the dairy industry
Lauren Salvestro and Gabby Cook, Dairy Food Safety Victoria
Wed. Sept 30
3-4pm AEDT
Opportunities to extend the shelf life of cheese
Paul Thomas, Cheesemaker and Consultant, Berlin
Wed. Oct 7
2-3pm AEDT
Dairy Situation and Outlook, OCT 2020
Sofia Omstedt, Senior Industry Analyst, Dairy Australia
International Dairy Trade Update
Tamara Dawson, Trade Policy Manager, Dairy Australia

Wed. Oct 21
2-3pm AEDT
Yoghurt – what’s in a tub? The science behind the health benefits of yoghurt
Teri Lichtenstein, Dietician, Food Bytes Australia
Wed. Oct 28
2-3pm AEDT
GOS - the latest GOSsip on production, analysis and uses
Don Otter, NZ
Wed. Nov 11
12-1pm AEDT
Cheese Grading- Determining quality and selection of cheese for marketability
Peter Dixon, Cheese Maker, Consultant and Educator, Vermont, USA
Wed. Nov 18
2-3pm AEDT
The value in Australian-Made - Leverage in light of evolving consumer sentiment
Denise Hamblin, Kantar, Australia
Wed. Nov 25
2-3pm AEDT
Milk quality for best cheese making
Ivan Larcher, Cheesemaker and Educator, Australia


FINANCIAL YEAR 2020/2021 Season Pass Charges

Category 12 month pass
(incl. GST)
6 month pass
(incl. GST)
Large companies (over 200 employees) $2200 $1200
Medium companies (20-200 employees) $490 $260
Individuals and Small companies (1-20 employees) $220 $130
University students $150 $80

Individual webinars can be accessed for $35.

Please email Jennifer Penfold at to purchase a webinar season pass. 

Purchase of a Webinar Season Pass entitles companies and individuals to the following:

  • Access to 30+ webinars per year.
  • Multiple logons for company staff attending webinars (plus multiple people can participate from logon point.
  • Single logon for individuals / small companies (multiple people can participate from one logon).
  • Technical support for participants.
  • PDF’s of presentations.
  • Opportunity to ask questions of world expert during the webinar.
  • Opportunity to liaise with and ask further questions of webinar presenter for one week post webinar.
  • Access to webinar recordings for 90 days post webinar.
  • Professional development opportunity for individuals and companies.
  • Opportunity to suggest new topics or dairy experts relevant to business needs.