Training courses

Developing skills in dairy manufacturing is an ongoing challenge.

Check out these online training resources for dairy manufacturing staff compiled by State Regulators. If you can't find what you're looking for, then check out the list of other training providers. New courses will be added as they become available.

Clicking on a course will take you through to the dairy industry's dedicated Learning Management site.

Topic Course Summary Provider
Food Recall Gauge the impact of a food recall on your manufacturing business, then develop skills in communications and business continuity planning to meet your statutory responsibilities and create your own food recall plan. The course ends by putting your new plan to the test in a mock recall scenario. SafeFood Production QLD
Microbiological testing in dairy manufacturing This course is designed to help QA and other staff understand the importance and value of an effective microbiological testing program. Learn how testing fits within a greater verification program in your business, the common microbiological hazards that impact dairy, and how testing can help verify your processing activities. Practical examples will provide clarity around product testing and environmental monitoring, how to implement a product testing procedure, and how to interpret your micro test results. SafeFood Production QLD

Course enrolment data may be shared with your state regulatory authority or the Australian Department of Agriculture upon request.