Cleaning and sanitation

Cleaning workplaces to minimise impact of COVID-19

In response to the urgency of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Sanikleen has developed free online training courses for preventative and reactive cleaning in workplace amenity areas. Dan Crozier explains the cleaning procedures, PPE and chemicals required as well as providing a guide to the free online training resources developed by Sanikleen.

Controlling Microbial Spores

This webinar on controlling microbial spores presents information about milk spoilage basics, origin of spores, biofilm issues, minimising spores and CIP requirements.

Download the "Controlling microbial spores" webinar content (PDF)

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Detecting and eliminating post processing contamination

by Nicole Martin

This webinar looks at post‐pasteurization contamination patterns in fluid milk and helps you understand opportunities for improvement in your manufacturing processes.

Download the "Detecting and eliminating post processing contamination" webinar content (PDF)

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