Fresh dairy

Improving the creaminess in yoghurt

By Marja Kanning

Find out how to improve the creaminess of yoghurt and fermented products by understanding the role of ingredients and processing routes.

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By David Everett

This webinar looks at the factors affecting milk composition, describes what buttermilk is, market prices and much more.

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Sensory aspects of yoghurt quality

By Ranjan Sharma

The presentation covers the sensory qualities of yoghurt including flavour, colour and appearance, taste, texture, feel/touch and sound.

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Microbiology of butter

By Steve Flint

This presentation looks at microbiological issues and specification for butter. It looks at the number one cause of downgraded butter and quality issues to be be aware of with buttermilk.

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Trends in yoghurt products

By Ranjan Sharma

This 2014 presentation looks at market trend in yoghurt products including consumer perception, forcasting, Greek yoghurt in the US, data on new product launches and more general trends.

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Naturally cultured butter

By Naomi Ingleton

This presentation is 'lessons from an accidental butter maker'. It goes through the definition of butter, historical references, and covers the categories of butter and biological acidification of butter.

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Technology of butter and buttermilk/ nutritional advantages

By Rafael Jimenez Flores

This presentation explores what exactly butter is, the types and history of butter, butter in the US, why it tastes so good and more.

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Fermented milk as a functional food

By Ara Kanekanian

This presentation looks at public health and minimising illnesses with functional food, fermented milk and dairy products including yoghurt, yoghurt drinks, probiotics and prebiotics. It also covers main concerns and strategy for public health.

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