ESL Milk Processing

by Hilton Deeth

This webinar explains what ESL milk is (extended shelf life milk), how it is produced with thermal and non-thermal technologies, microfiltration and bactofugation. It also looks at common heat treatments and how to package ESL products.

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Milk quality essentials

by Hilton Deeth

To ensure processed dairy products (milk, cheese, etc.) are of high quality, we need to start with a good quality raw milk and treat the finished products properly. This webinar goes through the essentials of milk quality.

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Controlling Quality in UHL and ESL milk

by Hilton Deeth

This webinar will take you through the tactics to control quality in UHT and ESL milk for export. Topics include flavour, age gelation, fat separation, sedimentation, non-sterility, package damage.

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Is your raw milk giving you a raw deal?

by Steve Flint

This presentation looks at the how the quality of raw milk determines the quality of dairy products. It looks at why quality if important, how to define quality, sources of contamination, testing and how to improve quality.

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Heat stability of milk for pasteurization and heat treatment

By Mike Lewis

The presentation looks at the heat stability of milk and how poor heat stability may influence pasteurisation, sterilisation, UHT, in-container and evaluation factors.

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In the raw – pathogens and raw milk quality

By Nicole Martin

Find out about raw milk quality parameters, prevalence of pathogens in raw milk, and the impact of raw milk consumption on public health.

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Practical consequences of calcium addition to and removal from milk and milk products

By Hilton Deeth

The presentation evaluates the significance of calcium in milk, types of calcium, addition of calcium and calcium removal including how to prevent rennet-induced coagulation, delays in age gelation of UHT milk and how to reduce foaming.

Download "Practical consequences of calcium addition" webinar content (PDF)

Minerals in milk - the Forgotten Fraction

By Mike Lewis

This presentation looks at the salt composition of milk, a model for the case in micelle and the UF permeate from milk and reversibility.

Download the "Minerals in milk - the Forgotten Fraction" webinar content (PDF)